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about greyson

Our Company

We are working to provide consumers and with superior products to improve their well being and quality of life for generations to come. We embrace research, science and innovation to both the beauty and pharmaceutical market.

Our Values

It is important to us to bring out the best in everyone and everything we do.  We embrace diversity.  We mean what we say and we believe our word and good name are valuable assets.  Our work environment is held together by different ages, gender, lifestyles, races and upbringings.  This encourages a wealth of perspectives brought to the table.  We strive to live and work by these getzonedup simple rules:

  • Responsibility to well being of our employees and consumers
  • Maintain passion about what we do
  • Always do the right thing
  • Show respect for all individuals
  • No compromise of integrity
  • Responsibility to stock holders

Our Team


C. Mukesh Prasad, President

Mr. Prasad has served as the Vice President for Greyson International, Inc. since 2003.  He is now serving on the board of the Company and recently became President of the Company upon the passing of Harvey Tauman on July 29, 2014.

Mr. Prasad was previously employed at Hydron Technologies, Inc. for 25 years. Mr. Prasad held the positions of Controller, Vice President, Corp. Secretary, and member of the board as well as other various operational roles.

Mr. Prasad brings significant hands on managerial experience to Greyson International, Inc. He assists the Company with product development, production and launch of various skin care and hair care products. He has extensive experience in business operations, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, warehousing, fulfillment center, and human resources.  Mr. Prasad was instrumental in bringing Greyson International to the OTC market and maintains the filing status current, enabling the Company to trade the shares freely in the market.

Mr. Prasad studied Physics, Chemistry and Math at the University in India and also studied accounting, and management in the USA. He is also an active member of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.


Harvey Tauman, Founder
(May 27, 1941-July 29, 2014)

Mr. Tauman was the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and had served as the Chairman of the Board for Greyson International since the formation of the Company in 1997.  Mr. Tauman passed away on July 29, 2014.

Mr. Tauman previously served for 30 years as the Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Hydron Technologies, Inc., a publicly traded company primarily engaged in the development and sales of personal care products. In 1983 under Mr. Tauman’s management, NASDAQ stock of Hydron Technologies surged from a low of 37 1/2 cents to a high of $14.75. It settled back to $12.75 at the end of the year, which made it the biggest percentage gainer of any stock on the three major exchanges.

Mr. Tauman had substantial experience in developing cosmetic and personal care products and in selling such products through direct response television. In April 1994, Mr. Tauman was the chief spokesman of cosmetic and personal care products on QVC roadwaysupply Kratom shopping channel, where he broke sales records, including approximately $2.1M in one day of sales of the product line developed by Hydron Technologies, Inc.

Lead Consultants

*A special recognition to: Charles Fox who was the inventor of Trilexon® (deceased)

Paul Thau, Research and Development Consultant

Mr. Thau serves as a Research and Development Consultant for Greyson International. Mr. Thau was employed at Cosmair L’Oreal USA for over 22 years, where he served as Assistant Vice President of Cosmetic R&D and then as Senior Research Fellow. His cosmetic industry experience spans more than 50 years and includes R&D positions at Revlon, Bristol-Myers, CIBA Pharmaceutical and Warner-Lambert.

 Advisory Team

  • Paul Stichbury ~ Asia Operations
  • David Carter ~ Financial
  • Dennis Schecter ~ Financial

Company Structure

Strength and History

Greyson International is 40 years in the making with a history of renowned success in the personal care industry. Founder Harvey Tauman and his principal management team are twice responsible for triple stock splits.  On QVC they produced record sales of over $2,100,000 in one day. Total electronic retail sales of approximately $100 million.

[OTC Pink: GYSN] Greyson International Inc.

  • Four Years Audited Balance Sheets
  • Current With OTC Markets
  • Current Tier Rating