Greyson International Inc. Hires TransMedia Group To Deliver Its Powerful Trilexon Story

BOCA RATON, Fla., Feb. 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Greyson International Inc. (OTC Pink Sheets: GYSN) has retained TransMedia Group to introduce its patented transdermal delivery system Trilexon ( on both the beauty and pharma sectors in delivering anti-aging and prescription ingredients through the skin for maximum effectiveness.

TransMedia ( said it will publicize how Trilexon can resuscitate expiring pharmaceutical patents and save sales that otherwise would be lost over an ever widening, precipitous patent cliff.  TransMedia said it also will publicize a skin care line that Greyson plans to launch in the near future.  The industry stands to lose an estimated $90 billion from expired patents.

“When patents expire, companies face steep competition, causing revenues to drop off along with the value of their stock,” said Greyson Legal consultant Joe Bovino, “but Trilexon is a game changer as it will extend patent life of medications and other products.”

According to Greyson’s President and CEO Harvey Tauman, Trilexon enables active ingredients to be delivered topically instead of through the blood stream via swallowing a pill.

“Our publicity will show Trilexon enables ingredients to last longer and have greater impact as they’re contained in a unique emulsion.  Once water insoluble Trilexon is applied to skin, it acts as a breathable environmental dome, sealing in moisture and balancing pH,” said TransMedia CEO Tom Madden.

In his illustrious 40-year career in the cosmetics industry, Tauman was twice responsible for triple stock splits in companies he led and scoring a one-day record $2 million in sales on QVC, culminating in over $100 million in sales of his past cosmetic products, said Madden.

Greyson’s Brand Manager Tia Castle said that within Trilexon’s unique environment, actives such as medications, antioxidants and vitamins are able to release their full potential.

TransMedia said its publicity will show how Trilexon has the potential to reduce drug interaction and addictiveness and provide a power boost for skin and hair and long lasting SPF’s.

TransMedia will highlight how Greyson VP Mukeh Prasad assisted the late Charley Fox in developing Trilexon and how Fox believed Trilexon will help everyone in a way never thought possible.

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SOURCE TransMedia Group

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