Greyson International, Inc. Introduces New Trilexon® Skin Brightener

Greyson International, Inc. Introduces New Trilexon® Skin Brightener

Announces Completion of Trilexon® Facial Cleanser and Trilexon® Pore Tightening Facial Toner
BOCA RATON, Fla.—January 25, 2011 — Greyson International, Inc. (GYSN.PK) is pleased to introduce, for the very first time, a new Trilexon® product: Trilexon® Skin Brightener. This marks Greyson’s entrance into a new product category—skin brighteners and lighteners. The Company is also announcing the completion of two new Trilexon® skincare products, Trilexon® Facial Cleanser and Trilexon® Pore Tightening Facial Toner, and expects to make them available for sale in February 2011.

Trilexon® Skin Brightener is specifically designed to make skin look younger by helping to erase skin impurities, and works on all skin types. The product has progressed since its initial creation, and is in the final stages of development.

“By featuring Trilexon® in this product, the Trilexon® Skin Brightener works more effectively than any other brightening product on the market today, since Trilexon® allows active ingredients to work for a longer period of time,” said Greyson CEO Harvey Tauman. “Skin brighteners are hot products in today’s global skincare market. We feel that this is an important new category for us to enter into and to improve through the introduction of Trilexon® in a skin brightening cream.”

All the necessary steps to bring Trilexon® Facial Cleanser and Trilexon® Pore Tightening Facial Toner to the market have been completed. The products underwent independent clinical testing performed by world-renowned physician Dr. Peter Pugliese; both products performed exceptionally well in all parameters. The study found that, together, the Trilexon® Facial Cleanser and Trilexon® Pore Tightening Facial Toner comprise a superior cleansing and restorative system for the skin. Clinical studies performed on these two products show a reduction in the size of pores by significantly greater than 50 percent.

“Greyson International now has five completed Trilexon® products, which we intend to package together with our unique Damage Control Serum as a full skincare collection,” said Tauman. “This collection can be presented to major global health and beauty companies, national television shopping networks and consumers to showcase how Trilexon® can revolutionize topical applications as we know them today and make them much more effective and long-lasting.”

The Trilexon® delivery system precisely delivers key ingredients to the appropriate areas through “messengers” in order to achieve higher effectiveness and more noticeable results. Trilexon® products contain a unique blend of liquid polymer material, which is superior to most other polymers used in cosmetics which are solid. The products spread easily and leave a soft, non-greasy, velvety feel to the skin. The Trilexon® system creates a fine surface which is insoluble in water and oils, keeping it in place even after sweating or contact with water. Ingredients are released continuously over an extended period of time, ensuring skin receives treatment at a constant, steady pace to give skin a healthy and youthful look. All Trilexon® products maintain a 4.5-5.5 pH, unlike any other skincare product on the market today. This pH allows products to repair and maintain the barrier layer, where competitors’ products change pH levels after a shorter period of time, which breaks down the barrier layer. Since Trilexon repairs and maintains the barrier layer over time, this reduces the transdermal loss of water, keeping the skin moist which promotes the active ingredients to work like they should.
About Greyson International, Inc.
Greyson International, Inc. is a research, development and marketing company that markets health and beauty aid products. Greyson has developed a new delivery method, the Trilexon® system, which will improve the effectiveness of virtually every topical application in today’s cosmetic market and every over-the-counter topical drug application. Trilexon® is a registered trademark of Greyson International. For more information, visit, join the Greyson Facebook group page by visiting and searching “Greyson Products” or follow Greyson on Twitter at

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