Greyson International, Inc. to Appear on ShopNBC Thursday, July 1

Greyson International, Inc. to Appear on ShopNBC Thursday, July 1

During the 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. EDT ShopBeauty Shows – ShopNBC Introduces Trilexon® ‘Power Pack’ Special Offer
BOCA RATON, Fla.—June 29, 2010 — Greyson International, Inc. (GYSN.PK) announced today that ShopNBC will feature the Company’s new Trilexon® products on air on Thursday, July 1, 2010, during the 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. EDT ShopBeauty shows. ShopNBC will also feature for the first time an enticing special offer for Trilexon® products called the “Power Pack”.

“We look forward to our two appearances this Thursday, July 1, on ShopNBC to showcase our Trilexon® discovery,” said Greyson International CEO Harvey Tauman. “We’re excited to tell the Trilexon® story and really explain the importance of this breakthrough. Trilexon® helps skincare products work more effectively than any other product on the market. While today’s skincare products stop short, our products featuring Trilexon® keep working because they maintain the necessary Ph levels topical applications must have for the active ingredients to work. Trilexon® makes our products go all the way to ensure you see long-lasting results that keep your skin fresh and glowing.”

Tauman continued, “We strongly recommend that you tune in to learn about Trilexon®, make a purchase and discover the difference! ShopNBC’s ‘Power Pack’ offer will be one you won’t want to miss. If you have been using Trilexon® and are already a believer, please tell your friends and family to tune in this Thursday, as well, to discover this important skincare breakthrough.”

As a veteran television personality and Greyson International CEO, Tauman will once again appear as the spokesperson on behalf of the Company on ShopNBC to discuss the benefits of its first three products featuring Trilexon®, a new delivery system designed by Greyson that helps to improve the effectiveness of topical applications by precisely delivering key ingredients to the appropriate areas through “messengers”. Trilexon® has received trademark approval and is patent pending. All Greyson products are manufactured in the U.S. The Company does not test its products on animals.

ShopNBC is a national television shopping network that reaches 75 million homes in the United States via cable affiliates and satellite, including DISH Network channels 134 and 228 and DIRECTV channel 316. ShopNBC is also broadcast live on the Web at www.ShopNBC.TV 24 hours per day.

About Greyson International, Inc.
Greyson International, Inc. is a research, development and marketing company that markets health and beauty aid products. Greyson has developed a new delivery method, the Trilexon® system, which will improve the effectiveness of virtually every topical application in today’s cosmetic market and every over-the-counter topical drug application. Trilexon® is a registered trademark of Greyson International. For more information, visit, join the Greyson Facebook group page by visiting and searching “Greyson Products” or follow Greyson on Twitter at

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