Moisturizer Perfect Balance Moisturizer

Used alone, Perfect Balance Moisturizer minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, lifts skin and enforces the anti-oxidant barrier layer on skin by keeping the pH at 4.5-5.  By applying Perfect Balance Moisturizer on top of other products like: retin A, C-serums, glycolic acid, you’ll experience an incredible beauty boost in that product through longer lasting effects and increased dermal penetration.


Deep DissolveClean Complex Foaming Cleanser & Pore Diminishing Toner

Regardless of what make-up or lotions you apply, one fact is universally true. Great results begin with the foundation of a cleanser and toner. Trilexon’s® cleanser and Toner are engineered to clean without stripping, balances the pH all day protecting the acid mantle and reduces pore size.


Three Piece Kit…

Get amazing results with the three-piece kit. It’s integrated delivery system with pH balance and sustained delivery will give you results of youthful-beautiful looking skin.