Trilexon™ System

April, 13, 2008 What do we have?

A system that we believe can deliver cosmetic and OTC actives better than most vehicles on the market today.

What is wrong with the products on the market today?

The wrong type of emulsifying agents
Concentration on skin increases 4-5 fold
Remains water soluble
Enhances increased water loss from skin
Can cause active to be lost
Emulsify the skin protective lipids
Hinder the skin from actively repairing itself
Can do more harm than good

Why are we better?

We use cationic emulsifying agents
Cease to be emulsion on application
Water resistance
Contains a liquid water insoluble polymer
Actives are dispersed in the polymer and released slowly
At a ph that enhances the enzymes that build the skin’s barrier

What products we can apply this technology to?

Almost anything which needs a delivery system

Dear Shareholder,

This is to inform you that steps are underway with our professionals for Greyson International Inc.GYSN, to become a full reporting company as soon as possible. Then apply for a regular Nasdaq listing.

Harvey Tauman
CEO and Chairman Of The Board
April 13,2008

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